Tuesday, February 9, 2016

January 18, 2016 New Ipad

Hello everybody!

Well it turns out I had to get a new iPad and it is now here. I have
some pictures and video of us having fun destroying the old one. It
was quite the occasion. We had a sweet time on Saturday when YSA had a
baptism for this guy named Andrew. Ron and Wendy came, our
eternigators you could say. They are doing great but have missed
church a couple times. We are not sure what is holding them up for
baptism, but we just keep meeting with them and the Ward is
fellowshipping  them great.

Not much has happened, we just are working and trying to see people in
our area book and it is raining quite a bit now, and California says
its in a drought! Good thing we are in car or we would always be
soaked, like I was last year in Santa Rosa. It's good for this area

Don't forget how important each of you are to your Heavenly Father, he
loves you individually and infinitely, I promise you. I see it
everyday when I talk to people, and don't get discouraged yourself. It
can be easy, but don't let it happen. The Holy Ghost isn't the one
telling you that you are worthless. I hope you all are positive and
think how you can be better than yesterday. That's the goal of the
gospel, individual progress to bless others around us.

Love you guys!

Elder Janson

California has weird roads

The insides of an iPad!

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