Tuesday, February 9, 2016

January 4, 2016 Transfers already!

Dear Family,

If you haven't figured it out yet, this Friday we had a very
interesting day. First of all in the morning we had football with
members from third Ward and Elder Adamson and his companion came, they
are in 2nd Ward. Well the last play I intercepted it and ran down the
field, Adamson was quarterback for the other team and so he was trying
to pull my flag. He dove at me sideways and hit the ground on his
shoulder. He then stands up and says, "I broke my collarbone" and we
all laugh like he's joking and say next play! But he's not joking. He
says, "no really I broke my collarbone." Bishop from 3rd Ward had the
funniest look on his face after that. He is doing good, he is in the
room with all of us, soon he has to get surgery though. Then later
that night I made the brilliant choice to set my Book of Mormon and my
iPad on top of our car as I put stuff in the back. And guess what? I
never took them off. We were leaving dinner with our member who lived
in the outskirts of Vacaville, so we were driving 60 down this country
road. I didn't know until we got to our next destination, where I
realized it and freaked out. We drove all the way back out there and
there it was, in the pitch black we saw it on the middle of the road.
It was pretty messed up, the screen was toast. But the miracle? It
still worked. The lesson? The Book of Mormon stayed on the car! Talk
about a firm foundation.

So the iPad is fixed so I'm alright haha. Transfers are tomorrow and
me and Elder Waites are both staying in this Ward. I'm so happy
because that means I will be in each of my areas for 3 transfers! 4
areas and 3 transfers in each and every one. Quite an accomplishment.
I am still district leader here, so I've been district leader forever,
at least it feels forever.

We had a lesson with Ian our investigator who is very speculative and
studies pretty much everything religion. We brought the military
relations senior missionaries and  they helped a lot. After the lesson
Elder Nordfelt tells me he understands why we didn't quite know what
we would talk about, because Ian talks forever about whatever. He
asked if they should come to the next lesson, and sister Nordfelt
says, "no!" Haha I thought was so funny, she realized the reality of
many of our lessons, they are painful sometimes because people are not
on the same page as us obviously. Sometimes they get as off topic as
you could think of. It's funny stuff.

Well I love you guys and hope your new year is better than our zone's
has been! We've broken many things, like collarbones and iPads. Just
remember the atonement fixes broken stuff! :)

Elder Janson

 Jones eating some bdubs wings. He is going to Santa Rosa Peterson
lane, my greenie area! Pretty excited for him

 My iPad after it fell off our car.. At 60 miles an hour. It is
fixed now lol

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