Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 1, 2016 Crazy week of awesomeness

Dear Family and friends,

This week was an eventful one to say the least, on Tuesday we had
district meeting and such things, that's always a good time and we are
pretty weird together so that is a relief from normal mission life
haha. On Wednesday me and Elder Waites went with our member to help
this older lady set up her email and learn how to use her computer
better. A member in the bishopric had thought she wasn't a member and
is her realtor so knew her that way and told us to go help her out.
Turns her and her sister are members but we couldn't find their
records, and they haven't been to church in forever. It was pretty
interesting trying to teach someone how to simply click a box to write
their name down. Elder Waites was like, "I can't teach so simple like
that!" So I was stuck doing most of it haha. Anyone who knows me knows
that I don't like explaining processes like that, so it was a good
exercise of patience I guess.

We had our last lesson with Ian this week, a younger guy with a wife
and little boy who has been reading in the Book of Mormon and came to
church last Sunday. The Nordfelts, the senior missionary couple over
military relations has been coming with us. This week we felt that we
needed to drop him because he simply said he was not going to be
baptized, that it wasn't his time. So we thought what else do we need?
He was reading the Book of Mormon, but he wasn't getting anywhere, I
could tell the nordfelt's wanted to stop going over haha. We will keep
in contact, but we won't go back again. It's weird when you yourself
has to tell the investigator, "well we can't come anymore, because
you're not ready!"

On Thursday Elder Waites had a doctors appointment in Fairfield, so we
went there after studies and after we had a lunch with the Fairfield
zone! I know lots of missionaries there so it was cool to see them,
and I cracked down on Sutterfield and Hawkins to go see our
investigator Christina who moved to Fairfield. She's the one who got
ran over by a truck. So hopefully they see her soon! During that time
we saw this guy in a car who had this knarly beard, he dark long hair
on top, but his beard was extremely groomed and gray and looked like a
paint brush! Haha so me and Waites said it was a weird "beard" day.
Whenever we see a man with a crazy beard, we see it as a sign that the
day will be weird. It turned out true! We went to our dinner that
night and the mom totally forgot! So her son Tyler says, "shes up
there counting money..." She comes down with 16 dollars, 9 of it
quarters! Haha so when we got Panda Express that night I just handed
him it and said, "sorry man." Haha it was a great day

Saturday we planted a bunch of grass for is group doing a restoration
project near there church. It was pretty fun and I got to use a
dibble! Look it up, it's a real tool, with a ridiculous name. Then we
helped a member paint and such and we did like 6 hours of service that
day! It was pretty sweet.

The only thing not good I have to say is the truth is, sometimes we
get pretty annoyed at random rules and members who can tend to be
judgmental about us missionaries. I am tempted to get irritated at
them for saying we aren't working hard, when really they have no place
to even do that. So it's been tough trying to deal with that. The good
thing is the members are very aware of the missionary work going on,
so we get lots of help. I guess I need to work on being more humble,
but don't we all. I hope I can improve on little things like this,
because this is how we get better, through the gospel. It is not meant
to be comfortable, for sure! If you get anything from this, realize
that when we are out here working it is not all fun and games. It gets
boring and discouraging, and many missionaries are not good examples.
But we are doing best to only judge ourselves and how we can get
better. I pray we can remember the savior and how would want us to
improve ourself and not judge others. Anyways, I love you all!

Elder Janson

 Since we have vegetarians in our zone we showed this to them.
Thought it was pretty funny

 Two elders in our mission saw Lindsay Stirling in Petaluma. I'm
pretty jealous. But the purpose of this picture is directly behind the
missionaries is our investigator Ian, in the colorful jacket! He told
us about how excited he was! Hahaha

Me at zone meeting..

An older picture of us at Buffalo Wild Wings!

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