Tuesday, January 26, 2016

November 2, 2015 Halloween

Hello people.

Well I had my last Halloween of the mission! Haha like that means
anything. We drove through a neighborhood and saw so many people trick
or treating, and while we are trying to give a dinner message there's
knock after knock. It was pretty funny. That night we weren't allowed
to knock doors of course. That might cause some problems as you can
imagine :)

Our fast and testimony sacrament meeting was one of the best I have
ever been too! Vacaville 4th Ward proves to be such an amazing Ward. I
felt the spirit like never before, and everyone just built on the
spirit even more. A recently returned sister, Sister Bosler shared her
testimony and shared Mosiah 2:41, a scripture I know well, but this
time it hit me so hard and I knew it's true! We are happy when we keep
these commandments and follow the gospel, that is what it is designed
for! The other elders in our Ward have an investigator couple Ron and
Wendy who have investigated for years. They are awesome and she just
isn't ready to commit. Ron, on the other hand, is what you call a dry
Mormon. Haha comments he makes in gospel principles class make me and
Elder Johnson look at each other like, "why is he not baptized!?" Haha
he knows so much and has the best comments about the lesson. Soon they
will be ready. Our investigator Christina came to church. We found her
by a member going home teaching and she was there with her mom, and
wanted to learn more. Pretty crazy to see someone so prepared. The
members in our Ward were super inviting to her and she has a date for
December 12th. Quickest progressing investigator ever!

Just as I felt the spirit confirm to me the truthfulness of the
testimonies being bore Sunday, I remember when I felt the strongest
impression of the truth of the Book of Mormon. I was at EFY trying to
figure out what to do with an hour of personal study! (Ironic right?)
and I was reading the Book of Mormon, and basically wanted to know its
truthfulness. As I read, I had a simple thought go through my head,
"you already know it is true." I remember that still, and I will never
forget! Sometimes our answers are simply to be reassured of truth we
know and treasure.

I love you all and hope life is good in the hood!

Elder Janson

 Chillin Halloween night with the sisters haha cuz we can't do
anything else.

 Missionaries using iPads :)

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