Tuesday, January 19, 2016

September 28, 2015 Teaching all day

Family and friends,

This week was crazy! We taught the most lessons I've ever taught in a
week, 26. We were just doing work! We have been working really well
with members, we went on splits Wednesday and Thursday night and got
multiplied lessons done each time. Elder Thomas went with Bro
Bugnacki, in the bishopric, and Bro Espinosa, elders quorum president,
to see Wayne, our investigator getting baptized in two weeks. He is
such a cool guy and just sleeps a lot so we have to call him and wake
him up for church. Good stuff. It was funny for Taylor, the 10 year
old girl we are teaching, the only thing left to teach her really was
law of chastity. So I told sister bender that, and she was like, "oh
I'll just teach it, don't worry!" So that blessed girl taught the
whole thing and me and bishop just sat there. Haha she is a brave
greenie. A great teacher too!

I went on exchanges with the elders in Fortuna, a town 20 minutes
south of us. They are in my district, so I went with Elder
Sutterfield, who I lived with when I was first born! (Started the
mission). He's a very talkative funny kid that gets on a lot of
missionaries nerves but it's hard to get on my nerves real bad so we
get along. They live in a members side apartment and they have a game
room upstairs from the garage that they use! We played foosball, and
dad, you have taught me great skills, they were all impressed at my
foosball skills. Anyways, it was pretty fun to play that, after our
work day was over of course :).

We had my second 7 lesson day in my mission! That was Thursday I
believe. Man when you teach that much in a day you can think when you
get home to save your life. It is great to busy on a mission though.

Thank you all for your emails and support! Just know I know this
gospel is true and will bless any who accept it and fill there lives
with service in it.

Love, Elder Janson

The cutest little baby husky ever! Members in Fortuna just got it

 Very large burrito I ate


 We found a new way to wear our name tag

 Us attempting to take a picture of a lunar eclipse. It was awesome!
It's the tiny extremely faint blurb of light to the right of the
street light.

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