Tuesday, January 26, 2016

November 23, 2015 Crazy transfers this upcoming week

Hello family!

It's been such a good week! We had a great lesson with Charles again,
him and his girlfriend didn't come to church but that's ok. He really
wants to learn and has deep concern about why terrible things happen
like recent terrorism. He is in the Air Force and has seen so much of
the world and the bad things that happen. We taught the plan of
salvation and his girlfriend helped teach even though she hasn't been
to church in forever, but I feel we helped her as well to remember the
spirit she once felt.

We had an awesome stake conference! It was good to see all the
missionaries in our zone right when we figured out the news for
transfers. It turns out in our Ward it is going down from 4 elders to
just 2, and I'm the only one staying! It's crazy because that happened
in my greenie area too, everyone left and I was left to lead out the
whole Ward and I had no idea what I was doing! But now I have a better
idea what to do. It will be cool to pick up the other elders
investigators in our Ward. We have a couple named the Creswell's and
Ron, the husband, is basically a dry Mormon. he is waiting for his
wife to be ready. In gospel principles he says the most deep stuff
haha stuff I didn't even know about the gospel. In this combining of
areas, president told me I still have a car, so I can continue to be
fat :). What's dumb about this transfer is president changed it so we
knew we were leaving or not on Saturday, but we didn't even know where
we were going or who our companion will be. We find that out tomorrow
at transfers. So I don't know who my companion will be! I was pretty
irritated when I realized the policy change, but I'll be fine haha.

One night this week I was having a tough time and expressed it to the
other elders and the YSA sisters. They helped me feel a lot better and
I just was discouraged and felt I was doing much in this area.
Eventually I consented to a blessing haha and Elder Johnson gave me
one. It was one of the most comforting times of my life. It is amazing
to have the Holy Ghost so close to you and feel angels literally
lifting everyone. I know they are there when we need them and that the
power of God is right within our reach, we just have to reach out in
return. I love you all! Have a week of beautifulness!

Love, Elder Janson

 Zone pictures!

District "Bacon"!!

Elder Matthews, Me, Elder Sutterfield

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