Tuesday, January 19, 2016

October 19, 2015 Welcome to Vacaville


So first, it's pretty hot here every once and awhile! It's a big
change from constant 60s. But it's cool. It rained yesterday and it
looked just like Florida rain. It was sunny and pouring at once, and
we entered a wall of  we saw before we were in it!

We have barely any investigators here, and our area is tiny! We still
have a car, and Elder Sutterfield, who I served with in Santa Rosa, is
now in my same Ward again! There are still 4 elders in Vacaville 4th
Ward, which is a more rare thing now. It's pretty fun though! Our area
covers just a little, it goes out of the main town for a couple miles,
but we never go out there. Something I've noticed about here, is in
our area, there are a million apartment complexes, it's pretty funny.
Many go to the Travis Air Force base, which was in my area in
Fairfield. My area borders my old area in Fairfield. It's about 10
minutes away, and all the other missionaries are within that distance
as well. Crazy stuff!

I think the goal now  is some new investigators. It's a bit sparse
compared to Eureka. I didn't like Eureka that much, but we did teach a
lot! It will be an adjustment for sure, but I'm excited to be with
Elder Daniel Moroni Johnson! We both have super Mormon names! He is
from Whitehorse Canada in the Yukon. He's a weird Canadian again, and
my past companion Elder Achal from Canada is my zone leader now. Haha
it's fun to be around these guys again.

I hope all is well with all of you! Love you guys!

Elder Janson

Saying bye to Elder Thomas and Sister bender and Siufanua

Sister Bender!

Sister Siufanua!

 Me and my comp, Elder Johnson

 We had a terrible clogged toilet incident at the church Saturday
night.... Hahaha

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