Tuesday, January 19, 2016

September 21, 2015 The year has past

Hello everybody,

Well it's been a year! That's not weird at all haha. It was just a
crazy week of work! We set like 4 new baptismal dates! One for this
guy named Mike who loves Mormon history, then for Joe, and Wayne (who
came to church yesterday!) and Taylor Mabry, the 10 year old girl
getting baptized next month. I don't know where all of these dates
came from, but we are not complaining! A lot of them just changed
because many of our investigators need more time to progress. Taylor's
mom is a member who's records we haven't found yet, and it's always
interesting going there. It's a mad house full of animals. I now know
why my parents didn't want too many animals. They are gross! Haha

We did some fun service with a member and the sisters came too. We
moved a bunch of rocks and killed his stupid plants he didn't want.
That is the fun we get as missionaries, yard work! Haha it's crazy how
the tables turn.

We have splits with members every week and it's actually going really
well. Bro Espinosa and Bro Flores came. Bro Espinosa is a young
married guy, and his wife is about halfway pregnant. He went on a
mission as well and it's always nice to have him there. We had great
splits though and each went to a lesson that didn't fall through.
Usual believe it or not. I went with Bro Flores to see Wayne. We saw
him another day, Saturday, and he accepted a baptism date for October
10th, and he had no objections really! He's a older seemingly lonely
guy, but he came to church and everything, in his old suit! Haha
hopefully he keeps doing well. He is reading our pamphlets and the
Book of Mormon, so he's getting farther than most!

Other than that, there's just been some crazy things going on in the
zone. When I say there are crazy people us here, I mean, there are
CRAZY people up here. And it affects the whole area. The zone has been
having some issues with just having the spirit with them even in our
apartments. If you could just pray for us to continue to be
strengthened against the opposing spirit, I know it will help. I know
there is evil and it is real, but I also know that just as real is the
Holy Ghost, the most powerful spirit on the earth. If we seek him and
the Father and His Son, evil can't overtake us. "Be not overcome of
evil, but overcome evil with good." Romans 12:21. If we choose to
flip on the light switch, the darkness can't be there, but we have to
do it! I know it is up to us, and Christ is there to lift us if we let
him. Don't be discouraged! Turn on the light! And darkness will flee
like the coward it really is.

I love you all!

Elder Janson

 The south part of our area, King Salmon next to Humboldt Bay.

Elder Thomas

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