Tuesday, January 19, 2016

October 12, 2015 I got transferred!

So friends and family,

First order of business is my new address will be:
901 Sara Ct, Apt 9,
Vacaville, CA, 95687

So it's crazy! I've been saying earlier how I wanted to go to
Vacaville and now I go! I'm a pretty good guesser :). I'm honestly
very ready to leave Eureka, it's making me go crazy! Haha but it's
been such a great time here. I went on splits with Bro Espinosa this
past Wednesday and he is the Elder Quorum president, about to have his
first kid! Anyways, I told him what we were going to talk about with
Wayne and he totally just made everything we talked about in the
lesson lead to that topic. He's a very good talker and can segue way
anything haha. Anyways that was sweet.

Happy birthday mom! Had to get that in :). You're the best!

So the Ward I'm getting transferred to is Vacaville 4th Ward. I hear
Vacaville is like a mini Utah in our mission and there are five wards
there and it is smaller than Gainesville I believe and is the smallest
stake in our mission, geographically. I'm so excited! I hear that Ward
is awesome and I'm follow up training Elder Johnson, who came out with
Elder Thomas just one transfer ago! So he's pretty new haha. I'm his
"mom" as we say in mission lingo. His second companion. It will be
sweet! And there's still 4 elders in this Ward despite the shrinking
size of the mission. Hopefully that's a good thing! I'm just oh so
excited for people to get Johnson and Janson mixed up....

I thank you all for your support! Check out my pictures! They are the best!

Love, Elder Janson

Climbed strawberry rock again!

Last zone meeting of the transfer!

 Sister Rose, saw her every week!

Picture with sis Chand, she's an interesting one definitely

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