Tuesday, January 12, 2016

September 14, 2015 Year Mark

Dear family,

So I've been having a constant, "that moment when you realize you've
been on a mission for a year" feeling. It's quite odd haha. I still
feel like I got eternity left pretty much. I don't know if that ever
changes. Elder Thomas is so funny. He keeps telling me he has so much
left. The other day we heard a plane in the sky and I asked him, "how
far away you think that plane is?" He says "I don't know.." I said "23
months!" Hahahaha he really appreciated that one :)

Anyways, we had a bomb diggety week! We taught like 22 lessons this
week and they just came to us most of the time. We had some that were
good ones when we went on splits with members. Overall, I thought a
lot about how God pretty much just gives us a lot of the lessons we
get, so we have to be prepared to teach someone always, even if it is
across the street at 8:30 at night! The only problem is that it is
pretty creepy in Eureka at 8:30, so we try not to get mugged or get
caught in a drug deal or something. It's very nice :).

For service on Saturday we helped the sisters in 1st ward clean this
lady's car in their ward. Let me testify to you, this was the NASTIEST
car I have ever seen on the inside. We were scrubbing all the fabric
with this carpet cleaning foam stuff and I pulled things out of nooks
and crannies I didn't know existed as one of gods creations. Along
with that there was a completely dried, full orange. How does that
stay there that long!? It's ridiculous. Haha it was fun though. I
cleaned this nasty brown mushy stuff out of the latch where the seat
sits, and it was so gross I like threw it super fast out of my hand,
and we hear a "plop." It had stuck right onto the side of a neighbors
jeep! We all looked with horror at it! Luckily it came right off haha.

We also helped a members son move out and I think e son likes a little
more now. He doesn't seem keen on missionaries, but he seems better
now. It was some good workout pulling stuff up and down stairs. Me and
elder Thomas are both like 175 pounds and we're getting big!

So our ward mission leader is finally back! Bro Richards, the super
funny old guy. It's so nice to have him back, I never realized how
important they are.

I just want to let you guys know that being obedient will bring
blessings to you! I have seen it with us as we have tried to follow
the counsel of our leaders and also make goals to be better. We are
here on earth to become better and if we are not improving we are
going backwards. Me and elder Thomas related the gospel to working out
in the weight room. If you don't keep doing it, you lose it! You can't
ever say that you have "arrived at salvation" or something related to
it. We are always progressing and that is what makes us happy!

I love you guys!

Elder Janson

My previous companion and now zone leader Elder Hastings in a skirt

 Me and Elder Thomas being creeped out by the stuffed sleeping cats...

Sweet picture of the Fort Lauderdale temple! Off of mormontemples.org :))

  Went to the Samoa cookhouse this week with a member! Unfortunately
it's not Samoan food, just on the peninsula "Samoa" outside Eureka.

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