Tuesday, January 26, 2016

November 16, 2015 Service Week

Hello everyone.

This week we did lots of service for a bunch of people. We go to the
Opportunity House, a thrift store run by a local church, and they have
some awesome stuff there! That's where we found the beautiful bacon
plush toy you may have seen in our pictures last week. Anyways, we
help them organize all the donations they get, which is a lot! I've
never seen so much turnover anywhere! You go there one day, and the
next, everything's different. They are pretty popular. We also go help
at the same organization's homeless shelter and make the dinner our of
whatever food they have on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It's a good
opportunity to get out and do something besides be in Proselyting
clothes! Haha

The other night the member had to bring us our dinner to the church,
so we ended up sitting there and making a series of raps about
missionary related things of course :) if you desire to see a video of
this ask individually haha. We have some serious freestyle skills.

We met a super cool guy named Charles who actually lives in our
apartment complex. I've never taught anyone who lives near us before
haha because usually they see us so much they are sick of us. But he
wanted us to come! We met him and his girlfriend who is a super nice
girl who is less active in the church. We brought our Ward mission
leader Brother Hansen and she recognized him so they struck a
conversation. Charles is an awesome cook and seriously wants us to
come for dinner. So we are! He recently made us bone marrow that we
ate today. It was interesting haha and super good though.

I hope you are all doing well and know how much the gospel can change
your life. It doesn't always happen quickly for someone to come into
the church and the gospel, but when they do, they don't regret it. I
love it so much and I love my savior!

Love you all.

Love, Elder Janson

 Me and Johnson chillin in the car today

Elder Matthews and Elder Sutterfield, also in our Ward, a pretty
hilarious picture

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