Tuesday, January 19, 2016

October 5, 2015 Real Busy!

Hey family and peeps!

All I can really say is that it's been busy! We helped some new members move in on Wednesday night and they seem like they will be a sweet addition to the Ward. He's got kids that seem normal! So that's always good.

We had our first interviews with President Wright on Tuesday, and man he is just so funny to talk to! Anything you say he just smiles and chuckles with a jolly old guy laugh hahaha. I'm grateful to him for his help and definitely know it's gotta be hard to be in his shoes. So much goes on in a mission like drama, meetings, interviews, driving everywhere. It probably can make you go crazy! But he continues to be jolly! We then had a training for finding right after that, where they just trained us on contacting people and how to do it better and to have a spirit of love. It was pretty sweet! Just the zone and the mission leaders.

On Thursday night we had I think the most spiritual lesson I have ever had in my mission. I told Elder Thomas he is lucky to get something like that his first transfer! We were seeing Cameron, a returning member and his friend he is fellow shipping, Robert. I can't remember if I talked about them to you guys. Anyways, they were in a hotel room waiting to move into a group home this past weekend. Cameron has been through so much in his life and is still recovering from addictions. But I've never seen someone more attuned to the spirit and wanting to change. He said he will quit all drugs to baptize his friend Robert. Anyways, in the lesson we didn't do much. I read some from Alma 36 as I felt inspired to do, and that hit hard. Then we showed a video about how the Savior Wants to forgive. By that time the spirit overwhelmed us and I started tearing up. Cameron and Robert expressed how if this man could come back to Christ, they certainly could. The love in the room was indescribable! All I could think to do was testify that I know what we teach is true, and I knew they were on their way to it. I could barely speak as I choked up. Everyone in their could feel it as an angel was descending on us and was right there with us. We ended with a prayer and Cameron wanted to do a circle, where we each said a prayer out loud in turn. He started and I ended. I've never felt like I so personally spoke to my Heavenly Father. It was incredible. I felt we should leave a blessing on their temporary home and did so, and the confirming witness of the Holy Ghost overcame all of us. We stood and just embraced. We had barely met these men! But we loved them, and I think I finally understand how we love as Christ does. In general conference, in one of the talks, I can't remember, they spoke of how we need to have the Holy Ghost, and whether they said it or it was an impression, I felt I needed to have the Holy Ghost, and that would then make it possible to "see through the lords eyes" and see this child of God as their heavenly parent sees them. I could truly love them! That right there was a direct answer to a question I had written down before the conference.

I know with all of my heart that the spirit will be there when someone has a sincere heart and intent to follow Christ. I know Jesus is our savior. I hope you can all come to that knowledge as well.

I love you all!

Elder Janson

 Taylor, the 10 year old right in front of me is getting ready for baptism 

Elder Smith, my last comp, and Elder Southwick, a greenie!

Me and Elder Jones, current AP and my past zone leader, who goes home in a week!

 Super awesome quote from conference 

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