Tuesday, January 26, 2016

November 9, 2015 Zone Conference

Hello everyone!

It was a pretty good week of workin! We got to go to Fairfield for
zone conference and see a couple other missionaries, and see
president, the APs, and the tech elders. It's always fun to have a
little time to get to see the leaders of the mission and realize they
haven't forgotten about ya! We talked a lot about having "greenie
fire" all throughout our mission, not to let the light diminish. That
is something I'm struggling with, is just feeling burnt out and stuff.
It's nothing serious, it's just a way of missionary life.

If you could all pray for Christina, our investigator who got hit by a
truck and broke many bones. She is really our only investigator but
she is doing better and should be released out of the hospital soon.
She will have to be in a wheelchair for a couple months, so that
changes our baptism plans for her. But there are no coincidences. She
is definitely wanting to learn.

It's interesting how opposition comes out of nowhere. We were walking
around the other night, I think Friday, and we had a great night
talking to people and they actually were home and actually answered!
The last guy we talked to was some man who was at a moved away members
home and we figured out pretty quick he was way drunk and was telling
us how Joseph smith was not who we think he was. Blah blah blah blah
stuff I've heard a million times, and eventually we just walk away.
Haha sometimes we get some humorous rejections.

Another good piece of news is that we have a little mini gym in our
apartment complex. Elder Johnson doesn't want to run so I run on the
treadmill, which before the mission was the bane of my existence, but
now, at least I'm running a little! And there's weights and stuff so
I'm not as fat now. :)

I'm grateful for all of you, and I'm also grateful for the efforts of
the members here and how much they care about the missionary work.
They are serious about it! Remember how important you as normal people
play a part in missionary work. (Missionaries aren't normal people.) I
hope you all can do your best to hasten His work.

Love you all!

Elder Janson

Me wearing Sister Haefeli's jacket...

Us at Tommy Butler's house, he's an awesome member!

 Elder Hacking who is AP and my past zone leader, is going home!

Me pretending to be Elder Johnson, just wearing his glasses lol

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